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Help urbanites live better lives

Our mission is to simplify urban. The fact that users of convenient home services end up having a less convenient lifestyle does not make sense. Today, customers have to wait at home for service providers to show up instead of doing things in life that matter. We think that technology should solve this problem to make urban life more convenient and less hectic.

Upgrade the existing intercom unit

nello allows you to control your intercom unit through your smartphone. You never miss a delivery, as all of them can be put in front of your apartment door. Plus, you can access your hallway without the need to get out your keys. All you need is our product, nello one, which you simply connect to your existing intercom unit in the apartment.

Enable unattended deliveries in front of the apartment door

We help apartment dwellers to receive deliveries in front of their apartment door regardless of where they are.

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