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Ed Tech Changed

Problem: The education system is changed drastically as students do no longer go to the physically Universities, Colleges, institution etc to take a course/ degree. Therefore, a loneliness studies become an issue among students having a passive skill. Solution: An active voice call of different retired Teachers, Doctors, Engineers, Chefs, Singers, carpenters, etc. to empower those who are researching information search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.. daily activities so they can develop and achieve what they want by learning to do things for themselves in the real time

an active voice

Product 1-Find your Categories & Subcategories 2- Match each other (School, Company & Profession) 3- Make a private call in the area of your expertise or subject 4- Comment/ Query/ See the main retired professional page of your area

A retirement App Industry

The world wide web information is changing very quickly over 10 years. As the 'LIGHT' is in every single home worldwide no matter how small or big your home might be. The same could easily apply to 'INTERNET' is in every single mobile around the globe. Therefore, 'EXPERIENCE' will be in everyone's hands so it's now & will be up to you to know how to use it! Having ‘AN ACTIVE COMMUNICATION APP’ to bring back retired professionals to empower each one of us while surfing information on internet, specially students & workers in the real time

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Looking for creating M.V.P / Prototype / App/ Partnership / Funding / Software developer etc..

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